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Astrosoft - Free Vedic Astrology Software

Given birth details of individual it provides horoscope with details of Lagna, Rasi, Nakshata, Thithi, Paksha and many other features listed below

  • Birth Chart:

    Provides Birth chart of individual with details of Lagna, Rasi, Nakshata, Thithi, Paksha, Siderial Time, Dasa Balance.

  • Planetary Positions:

    Provides Longitudes, Rasi, Nakshathra Pada postion of all planets and jaimini karakas.

  • Bhava Positions:

    Provides Start , Mid and End Positions for all bhavas.

  • Divisional Charts:

    Computes Bhava, Navamsa and all 16 shodasha varga charts.

  • Vimshottari dasa:

    Computes Vimshottari dasa details up to anthra.

  • Ashtavarga:

    Computes Ashtavarga of all planets with trikona, ekathipathya reduction and gunaharas.

  • Shadbala:

    Computes all shadbala of planets with ishta bala, kashta bala, bhava bala and ranks them based on strength.

  • Ephemeris:

    Provides daily and monthy Ephemeris for all the planets.

  • Panchang:

    Provides daily panchang with details of Nakshathra, Thithi, Yoga, Sunrise/Sunset, Rahu kala, Yama kanda, Auspicious time.

  • Marriage Compactibility:

    Computes compactibility kutas and dosha for given pair of birth chart or nakshathra.

  • Ayanamsa:

    Supports Lahari, Raman and Krishnamoorthy ayanamsa.

  • Location:

    All calculations can be computed for any place in world by providing latitude / longitude. It also has built-in latitudes / longitudes for all cities in India.

  • Language:

    Available in English and Tamil.


  1. Install Java JDK from oracle if you don't already have Java installed on your system.
  2. Run java -version to verify if Java is installed.
  3. You will need Java version 8 or later. If you have older version Java Installed, please install version higher than Java 8.
  4. Download code from GitHub by clicking this link or clicking Clone or download -> Download Zip button in Github
  5. Unzip Astrosoft -
  6. Open command window on windows or terminal window in Mac/Linux.
  7. Change dir to Astrosoft installation dir for e.g cd C:\Astrosoft - master. For help with changing dirs in Linux or Mac, watch this video.
  8. Run cd bin
  9. Launch Astrosoft by running command ./RunAstroSoft.bat
  10. in windows
  11. If you have Linux or MacOS, then run ./
  12. to Launch Astrosoft.
  13. If you run into problems or need help contact

Installation Instructions Video